First Mutant (firstmutant) wrote,
First Mutant

Three Decades

I will be thirty years old in seven days. Thirty! How confoundingly bizarre.

To my fellow Leos: lonelywalker, my twin saintmaverick, harleen, childlight, and sylvanelfmistre, I wish you all a fantabulous birthmonth.

Since last month, I have found a second job monitoring patients overnight in a sleep lab. This couldn't be more ideal for me, being neurology-related and allowing quiet time to study and catch some shut-eye before going off to work each morning. Today, serendipity smiled on us in the form of a heat wave blistering enough to dissuade many of the scheduled patients from leaving their homes. Slow days like this are often bittersweet, since appointments which do not happen one day are merely deferred to another, probably more hectic day. But I was grateful anyway. The dry spell lasted long enough for me to see some of the the neurosurgery webcast this afternoon. Don't get me wrong. Watching a skilled neurosurgeon at work is amazing. But playing spectator from a comfortable chair is infinitely preferable to standing long hours in the OR with an itchy ear I can't scratch, fielding anatomy questions from the attending surgeon while straining to hold onto a retractor. God bless the surgeons; I'd never have the stamina to be one.

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